Where to begin?

From the beginning, I've had a passion for luxury and quality products. I believe in crafting items that stand the test of time and will boost your-wellbeing by creating a cosy environment.

Welcome to MYSA HOMEWARE, formerly known as Lavender and Lilac Candle Co. Candles and cozy homeware have always held a special place in my heart. There's something truly magical about coming home, wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, and lighting your favourite candle.

Lavender and Lilac Candle Co. began as a college project where we were tasked with creating, researching, and selling a product. Candles were my natural choice, as I've always had a passion for them. This project sparked the creation of my brand.

Nordic Forest luxury scented wax melts in gift box, with soy wax and pine and eucalyptus fragrance.
Soft beige wool-effect cushion with feather insert, blending luxury, neutral tones, and timeless aesthetic for elegant home decor.
Luxury linen blend cushion in light grey, ideal for complementing a neutral aesthetic in home decor.

But how are we here now?

When I first started my business in 2022, I never imagined how it would grow or where it would take me. But as 2024 approached, I found myself reflecting on the journey and considering the future of my brand. After a year of running Lavender and Lilac, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to maintain and what I wanted to evolve.

  • My current favourite candle

    Manor Gardens, formerly known as "Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli," has always been cherished by all of you. When it came time to recreate this candle, I immediately envisioned the essence of a sunny spring day—a picnic or a stroll through a manor garden filled with fresh roses, ripe plums, and patchouli. Manor Gardens will forever hold a special place as my favorite scent.

  • Soft cream wool blend cushion with feather insert, epitomizing luxury, neutral tones, and timeless aesthetic for sophisticated home decor.

    My current favourite cushion

    It was a tough decision because I love them all, but the Wool Blend cushion is definitely my favourite. Filled with a feather inner, it's the softest, cosiest addition to your home—a perfect choice for comfort and style.

Stone-colored waffle cushion with feather insert by Chalk, embodying luxury and neutral elegance for your home aesthetic.

A huge thank you

Your continued support means the world to me, and I'm incredibly grateful for it. My goal for Mysa Homeware is to help boost your well-being by creating the cosiest environnment and i am so glad you have joined me on this journey. Here's to new beginnings and exciting plans for the future!

Hannah x