About Us

Get to know, Lavender & Lilac Candle Co.

Handcrafted in Suffolk. Created with passion.

The idea of Lavender & Lilac Candle Co. was first created in 2021 when completing my business qualification. We were given the task to create a product, research the market and then sell the product on a market stall all whilst trying to be as sustainable as possible. The market stall needed to be unique and able to stock the product clearly and safely. Since then, a passion for candle making was developed and therefore, i am super excited to bring to you my new website!

Being someone who was always obsessed with candles, it was only right to ensure that these candles were like no other. The candles, that have been created by Lavender & Lilac Candle Co. have been tested and made with the best materials to ensure quality and safety. These candles have been made with Soy and Natural wax blends to create the best burning experience. Made in small batches, ensures good quality, carefully made candles.

The picture below shows one of our first candles ever created! These candles have been in the making for years and my passion has continued to grow. I love learning about all things candle making and I am constantly researching all thinks candle related to make sure I am bringing you the best product possible. I love my candles and love bringing you my new creations. I hope you love them as much as I do!


If my story has captured your interest, I invite you to visit my blog where I've shared more about my journey as the owner of Lavender and Lilac Candle Co. In my blog post, you'll get to know me, Hannah, and learn about the inspiration and journey behind my brand. So head on over to my blog and let's connect!